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At Hawkhill Homes, we believe that the traditional choices of renting or owning a home often lead to an "us versus them" mentality between residents and landlords. That's why our founders, Morgan and Brian, set out to create a new model of single-family living that would foster a partnership between residents and investors.

Millennials, in particular, have been impacted by several significant events that have shaped their views on home ownership:

  • the housing market crash during the Global Financial Crisis

  • the subsequent increase in prices due to COVID, and

  • the current volatility in the market


These experiences have taught them to view home ownership as an investment that they can average in and size to fit their needs, rather than feeling pressure to make a one-time decision.

At Hawkhill, we envision a transparent and fair living experience through fractional home ownership.  We have built our SFR expertise partnering with some of the largest landlords in the industry helping pioneer the creation of the asset class.  We are now bringing this expertise to benefit consumers and like-minded investors, all while innovating the next generation of living in a socially responsible way.

Our investors include top-tier early stage technology venture funds and prominent angel investors, and our advisors include senior proptech and software executives in the tech industry, sovereign wealth fund executives with extensive experience in the single-family rental space, and web3 technical builders.



  • Responsibility to All Stakeholders - At Hawkhill Homes, we recognize that the traditional landlord-tenant dynamic is outdated and believe in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders, including residents, owners, vendors, and the community. We are committed to fairness and transparency in our approach to housing.

  • Innovation Matters - As a company focused on innovation, we are building the next generation living platform that connects investors and residents. We strive to challenge the status quo and improve upon current rental and ownership models.

  • Experience Matters - Our team has a wealth of experience in partnering with global investment firms, which has taught us the importance of effectively managing risk and causing no harm. This experience gives us confidence in the potential for attractive investment opportunities, and the skills to navigate and execute on them successfully.

  • Relationships Matter  - At Hawkhill Homes, we understand that happy residents lead to happy investors. That's why we prioritize engaging with our residents and empowering them to find the right home, create an ownership mentality, and ultimately deliver strong returns to stakeholders.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Matters - We were founded with the mission of helping others achieve the American dream, and believe that diversity and inclusion among all stakeholders, including residents, owners, vendors, and neighbors, will drive the creativity and innovation necessary to accomplish this goal.


20+ years experience.

Investor, SFR, Technology

Morgan is the co-founder and CEO of Hawkhill Homes, a real estate technology company innovating the next generation of living for renters and investors.

He recently founded and built one of the first platforms to invest and operate in the single-family rental asset class on a large scale, through 643 Capital Management and its operating company, Streetlane Homes. Over the past decade, Morgan invested and recently exited over $700 million in single-family homes in 2021 across five funds through these companies.

Streetlane Homes, which Morgan co-founded and served as the founding CEO of its management company, operated in nine US markets with over 100 employees before being acquired by Roofstock, a venture-backed marketplace for single-family homes, in 2018.

643 Capital and Streetlane became one of the top 10 investing platforms in the single-family rental asset class, partnering with top institutional partners such as Starwood Capital, Colony Capital, and GTIS Partners to invest over $1 billion in single-family homes nationwide.

While at Roofstock, Morgan built and ran Cloudhouse, the company's principal investment group, and Platform Services, their institutional investment and asset management platform. Through these platforms, he invested over $150 million in single-family rentals before co-founding Hawkhill Homes.

In his earlier career, Morgan spent over ten years in Silicon Valley, working at leading firms such as Intel, McAfee, and Wells Fargo on technology M&A deals and financings. He also co-founded Red Dog Capital, a venture investment firm focused on early-stage technology companies.

In addition to his passions for investing and SFR, Morgan is an avid cyclist and competitive tennis player. He finds inspiration for the company's name, Hawk Hill, from his love for cycling in Marin County. Morgan is also a dedicated season ticketholder for the San Francisco 49ers.

Morgan holds a degree in Economics from Cornell University.

20+ years experience.

Private Equity, Single Family, Capital Markets, Analytics

Brian Home is the co-founder and COO of Hawkhill Homes, a real estate technology company innovating the next generation of living for renters and investors.

Most recently, he built and ran the Single Family Rental platform for Hudson Advisors, a top 10 SFR platform, which he grew from zero to 13,000 homes across 30+ states with 200 employees in four years. In this role, Brian led the property operations of the firm and served as a member of the team in charge of setting overall investment strategy.


Before Hudson Homes, Brian was on the founding team for Streetlane Homes, which was acquired by Roofstock in 2018.

He began his career in SFR in 2013 with Invitation Homes, the leading Single Family Home rental company, where he built the team that analyzed, monitored, and drove analytics across the company as a Senior Director in the Financial Planning & Quantitative Analysis group.

Brian helped lead the company's successful $1.8 billion IPO in January 2017 and was a key member of the team that created the industry's first SFR securitization in November 2013.

Brian spent the first 10 years of his career in investment banking and real estate private equity at firms such as Hudson Advisors, Highland Capital Management, and Peter J Solomon Company.

He graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Mathematics and Economics and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, with concentrations in Finance and Economics.

Brian can be found driving his daughters around on the weekends, trying (unsuccessfully) to be a cheer dad. Brian enjoys rooting for the NY Giants, despite living in Dallas.

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